Cassette Fighter Mattress Blowout Sale GTB054
Absolute Failure Absolute Failure GTB056
Spinning Voices Warrens GTB055
Mathiasen Moon Phases GTB052
Laundry League Fed GTB053
Matthew Lewis Stephen Quetzalcoātl GTB050
Cassette Fighter The Color of the Year GTB051
Simara hologram summer GTB049
Infinitefreefall The Remixes, Vol. 3 GTB048
Friendfiction Literature GTB047
GTB Records New Artist Sampler #3 GTB046
Detectivework Panfocus GTB045
Snug Soul Puberty Collection VI GTB044
Matthew Lewis Stephen RGN_RMX GTB043
All There “All There” GTBS016
Spidering We Can’t Just Call It Nothing GTB042
Copys “lost point” GTBS015
The Friendly Vines Placid GTB041
Pilot Chmielarczyk “tired” GTBS014
The Trap's Jaw Revenant GTB040
Squab Squawk the blurst of times GTB038
Snug Soul Puberty Collection V GTB037
All There “In the Cold” GTBS013
Echo Vessel Here GTB036
For Everest For Everest Goes Pop GTBS012
GTB Records Excerpts, Vol. 2 GTB035
Copys fisher​-​price autumn reader GTB034B
Spinning Voices “Mill Ruins Park” GTBS011
All There All There GTB033
Tau Tau Happy Lunch GTB032
All There “Flourish” GTBS010
GTB Records New Artist Sampler #2 GTB030
All There “You’ve Changed” GTBS009
The Trap's Jaw Sob Story GTB029
For Everest Last of the Dogstronauts GTB028
Spinning Voices Dichotomy GTB027
Ribbons and Bows Hello Trash GTB026
Spinning Voices “Hypereffect” GTBS008
Squab Squawk no dragons GTBS007
The Audacity of Youth Departed GTB023
The Audacity of Youth “Departed” GTBS004
GTB Records Excerpts, Vol. 1 GTB022
Emmie Oz DORTHY. GTB021
Simara Love & Suicide GTB020
Tau Tau OneWorld Star GTB019
Echo Vessel Orbit GTB018
Simara Yakushima GTB017
Emmie Oz American Idle GTB016
fade claws Mass GTB015
The Audacity of Youth “Hell” GTBS001
GTB Records New Artist Sampler #1 GTB014
Tau Tau Out GTB013
The Trap's Jaw An Awful Lot of Wires GTB012
REC. “The Fan​/​What Child Is This” GTBS005
Spinning Voices “Giraffe Consequences” GTBS002
Appletrack Spectrum GTB010
Chris Mello 2 Bad 2 Purpose GTB008
Meysell Quintana “Overlook” GTBS006
Tau Tau Eyelids GTB007
Jackie Farrell White Guilt GTB006
The Trap's Jaw And Then I Saw GTB005
Meysell Quintana Miracle of the Sun GTB004
Contain and HamsterFanClub DJ Waz Presents​.​.​. Contain and HamsterFanClub GTB003
Appletrack Stealing Art for Myself GTB002
GTB Records Foreword GTB001