Squab Squawk California

Imagine a child raised at inappropriate ages by Radiohead and Elliott Smith. Squab Squawk is what you get when that child turns into a legal adult who uses the excessive time on her hands to make music instead of studying. Hi, I’m Anna, nice to meet you!

Anna started writing songs at age ten, so she has been making music for half her life. Squab Squawk is the project where she turns all her feelings into sounds via too honest words, skilled yet sloppy musicianship, college-level substance abuse, and a shitload of curse words. Armed only with basic rock band instruments (and the occasional saxophone), Squab Squawk’s only goal is try to create good songs. It doesn’t get much more complicated than that.

Squab Squawk the blurst of times GTB038
GTB Records Excerpts, Vol. 2 GTB035
Squab Squawk no dragons GTBS007
GTB Records Excerpts, Vol. 1 GTB022
GTB Records New Artist Sampler #1 GTB014