Mathiasen Cleveland, OH

Mathiasen is an alias of Phil Bernstein, a producer and musician based in Cleveland, Ohio. He has remixed tracks by Joey Walker (then known as The Audacity of Youth), All There, Matthew Lewis Stephen, and Echo Vessel. His first full-length as Mathiasen, New Brutes / New Static, released January 2014, is a collection of friendly tunes suitable for dancing alone in your room. Phil has also recorded two albums of experimental and ambient music as Detectivework — The Dead Ear, released December 2012, and Panfocus, released in April 2014.

In his spare time, Phil would like to figure out how to stop recording for a second.

Mathiasen Moon Phases GTB052
GTB Records New Artist Sampler #3 GTB046
Detectivework Panfocus GTB045
Matthew Lewis Stephen RGN_RMX GTB043
The Audacity of Youth “Hell” GTBS001