Joey Walker Bloomington, IN alumni

Joey Walker currently resides in Bloomington, Indiana. He started making music in 2008 after receiving his first guitar and microphone as gifts.

Formerly known as The Audacity of Youth, he released 3 EPs, a poetry chapbook, and one full-length LP. As of December 31st, 2012, The Audacity of Youth existed no longer.

Aside from music, Walker also works in poetry and photography, using influences such as Sylvia Plath and David Lynch to guide him.
Matthew Lewis Stephen RGN_RMX GTB043
GTB Records Excerpts, Vol. 2 GTB035
The Audacity of Youth Departed GTB023
The Audacity of Youth “Departed” GTBS004
GTB Records Excerpts, Vol. 1 GTB022
The Audacity of Youth “Hell” GTBS001
GTB Records New Artist Sampler #1 GTB014