Jackie Farrell Charlottesville, VA alumni

Jackie Farrell is an 18-year-old comedian currently residing in Charlottesville, VA. Her comedy consists of surreal observations on life, existence, pop culture, depression, and introspection. She knows way too much about comic books and horror movies, has seen most videos of industrial shredders that have been posted on YouTube, spends most of her free-time sitting in her room saying “MACdonalds” in a southern accent, and just loves Batman so much.

Jackie Farrell Presents White Guilt, her first comedy album, is a disorienting and disarming collage of mercilessly deconstructed pop culture, magical realism, interjections, and Wayne Grayson.

GTB Records Excerpts, Vol. 1 GTB022
Jackie Farrell White Guilt GTB006
GTB Records Foreword GTB001