Chris Mello (REC) Long Island, NY alumni

Chris Mello is a 21-year-old comedian from Long Island, New York. While he has previously worked in sketch, improv, and stand-up, he currently creates experimental comedic recordings using material he prepares for his return to the stage. He has instructed his fans to refer to him as comedy’s punk edge. Some do. Some just laugh. Blending jokes, narcissism, absurdism and just a touch of sexuality, Chris has established himself as a force to be laughed at. You know, if you want to.

Chris also makes music as REC. This music incorporates guitar, ocarina, recorder, field recordings and whatever else he can find. Early recordings were noise interpretations of field recordings; since then, REC has stylistically moved to a more drone-like sound. Chris currently takes inspiration from the synth-laden soundtracks of ‘80s horror films, which he is so very fond of.

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