All There CA/SC/NM/UT alumni

All There is an experimental pop band formed over the world wide web. It is comprised of Meysell Quintana and Luke Kim from California, Maxton Stenstrom from South Carolina, Pilot Chmielarczyk from New Mexico, and Robert Summerhays from Utah. Their self-titled debut album received over $4,000 above their initial goal in Kickstarter funding, and was immediately met with critical acclaim and success through word-of-mouth. The band is currently in stasis and planning to write new material in 2014.

Each of the members also release music solo on both GTB and our sister label, Collected Recordings.

All There “All There” GTBS016
All There “In the Cold” GTBS013
GTB Records Excerpts, Vol. 2 GTB035
All There All There GTB033
All There “Flourish” GTBS010
All There “You’ve Changed” GTBS009